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Skoby Joe

Skoby Joe.jpg

Joseph Skoby is a Southern Californian artist whose work is inspired by his intensely flowing native State.  His ceramics are created in his own earth laden lush garden studio hand molded and using ceramic tools handed down from world renown artist Martha Longenecker, (b.1920- d.2013) and founder of the Mingei International 'art of the people' Museum.  Each unique Skoby art piece recalls a dance or movement with nature, riding the surf, a dance with the ocean, a translation of each wave becoming a distinctive form of self-expression.


His work finds inspiration in the traditional Japanese ceramics craft and modulates each piece of clay into an expressive contemporary shape and design.  Pattern, planning, color, imperfection, come together to lay the foundation for unique beauty.


Textured hand carved patterns and smooth surfaces, the pieces become fine art, no longer vessels.


Simple, penetrating, intense at times, visually designed for enjoyment as a single or with a group.

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