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Nancy Linke

Nancy Linke.jpg

Nancy Linke began creating at an early age working side by side with artist friends of her family while in grade school.  Her world became large filled with immersion into playing piano, singing, sailing, and working in finance, exposing her to many ways to live a life.  Nancy's art is reflective of the variety of life, lived and living with change, precision and planning, and freedom and movement.  Color and vibrancy and value or monochrome.  Edgy, unexpected, serene.


Nancy works with acrylic and oil, experimenting and selecting one or the other depending on subject or mood.   Following art rules yet breaking them is when she is most happy.  finding a flow with the subject and creating a piece to come back to for enjoyment.  not predictability.


Her paintings are exhibited in La Jolla in the gallery at Little Bench Art Center and collected and throughout California, Utah and Europe.

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