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Joe Suzuki

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I think of my work as artifacts of my own particular mixed culture, which developed as a result of being an immigrant to the US during the late 80’s in my early teens. During a long assimilation process, I found myself not belonging to either culture, but rather somewhere in between, and I ultimately began to accept and celebrate my peculiar culture.

I view my culture as a confluence of multiple vectors with no hierarchy or order. I am interested, both visually and conceptually, in melding and mending such notions as East vs. West, high vs. low, commodity vs. craft, tradition vs. fads, and icon vs. iconoclasm. I see my art making as an investigation that documents my ever changing, mutating, polyglot reality. My work is informed by my life, contingent on my ordinary, real world experiences as a middle class artist dad, who is simply trying to make sense of it all.

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