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Jake Songer

Jake Songer.JPG

Jake is one of those people you could sit down and talk to about anything.  He is perceptive, listens, is curious, compassionate, and funny.  The entire Songer family is the same.  Jake grew up around artists and began sketching from the time he held a pencil.  Born and raised in Northern Utah and spending most of his available time with friends and the outdoors, Jake decided to explore the variety of life and travelled the world working as a fisherman in Alaska, a clergyman in England, and a carpenter in Costa Rica where he spent a year with his family and studied his artistic passion with other artists.  


Jake's art exhibits his passion for life, broad full strokes of paint, rich color, and positive calm images.


Jake's use of oils is reminiscent of Sorolla and Sorolla's passion for color and interpretive flow.  A common theme is sky and water, ocean wave breaks, people on the beach, flowing linens, hats.

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